Note from the Editor

Note from the Editor

We are excited to announce a publication of our first issue of The Protagonist on the topic of Transnationalism. This issue features  a rich variety of essays that encompass different perspectives on transnationalism in anglophone literary and cultural domain. In the first section the  essays focuse on hybrid identities that feature British Diaspora writers, migration, and postcolonial relationships between England and Ireland.  The second section lays out a transnational dimension in American literature, featuring analyses of Mexican American poets like Sandra Cisneros and Ariana Brown, as well as explores a linguistic value of Spanish in the novels of Ernest Hemingway. And finally section three offers some fruitful reviews of the contemporary Irish Drama by Marina Carr and Sebastian Barry, and an in-depth exploration of the film adaptation of Nella Larsen's Passing

A tremendous thank you goes to the editorial and advisory boards for showing an exemplary dedication to the editing process.

The whole issue is  in open access on our webpage and is free to be used for scholarly and academic purposes.

Enjoy reading!

Kateryna Trompak, Executive Editor, The Protagonist Press

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